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iPhone Face ID and mobile pay feature

Empower customers to order from their mobile devices using an app or through a custom mobile ordering website.

Offer in-seat delivery or express pickup of concessions and merchandise during events

  • Enable pre-ordering or ship-to-home functionality

  • Customize menus and offerings based on customer location

  • Enhance the customer experience by reducing wait times

  • Improve operational efficiency by better managing demand

  • Allow customers to view the menus even when the event is off

  • Implement via a weblink, SDK within your app or as a standalone mobile-optimized website



Improve order throughput and staff efficiency through easy-to-use customer facing ordering solutions.


Launch kiosks at key locations to supplement existing terminals and registers


Replace existing terminals with self-service kiosks for cashless operations


Allow consumers to quickly order food, beverage, and merchandise and pay on the spot


Customize menus, user flows, and content to accommodate any self-service operation


Create custom upsells to encourage additional purchases and increase average cart size


Read barcodes and RFID/NFC for loyalty and third-party payments

Refill Technologies Kiosk


Portable Refill payment station

Equip waitstaff with state-of-the-art technology to increase orders and customer satisfaction. REFILL offers various solutions to help your team take orders anywhere, anytime.

Offer premium guests a modern, white-glove service


Support single transactions or the ability to run tabs


Split tabs, custom tip fields, and 3rd-party payment options available


Accelerate flow in lines by allowing order takers to "line bust"


Connect handhelds through Wi-Fi or LTE



Our backend management tools offer the ability to configure the system to your location's unique requirements.


View inventory, sales, operational data in real-time


Update menus and prices by location instantly


Manage orders and refunds through an easy-to-navigate UI


Customize user interface, flow, and styling to your brand

Synchronize data with existing POS systems through our existing or custom integrations

Refill Technologies System